Terms of Sale Agreement

Terms of Sale Agreement

Stopoint, Inc. allows you to trade certain electronic products for money. By using our website, you agree with the following terms and conditions:
These terms can be amended anytime and the amendment will take effect immediately when the amendment is posted.

Trade-in Requirements

It is your responsibility to provide correct and accurate information when opening a Stopoint account or when conducting a trade-in. All traders should provide their accurate email, postal and billing address, and phone number. If you are not receiving your payment through your PayPal account, you will be mailed a check, which you will receive no longer than seven (7) business days after the receipt date.
You must be over 18 years old and have legal capacity to transact with us.
You must only transact on behalf of yourself.
You must only sell your products.
You must comply with all laws and regulations, including our privacy policy terms.


All purchase offers are valid for 30 days. This indicates that by the end of the 30 days, the item should already be shipped and processed by our third party shipping company. We reserve the right to cancel the offer if you have not accepted it even before the thirty (30) days period. After your acceptance of the offer, we are obliged to take in your product if it is shipped before the 30 days.

Returns of Products

After we receive your product, you have 24 hours to notify us of your intention to ask us to return it. In such situation, you will have to pay for the shipping fees associated with sending the product to us and us shipping the product back to you.

Product Eligibility

We reserve the rights to choose which products are eligible for purchase. We can amend the list at any time at our sole discretion. Only accepted offers are not entitled to these changes.

Conditions of Products Defined

Flawless: An apparently untouched item in perfect condition with no scratches. Item works perfectly. 
Good: A well-cared product with limited signs of use. Item works perfectly. 
Acceptable: Moderate and heavy signs of use. The item works perfectly. Upon receipt of your product, we will inspect your products according to those conditions that you have provided. If your product does not meet the condition valuated for, this may impact the final value of your product.

Product Valuation

When sending us your product, include all materials in the description, including accessories, original packages, software, and adapters. Failure to include any items may result in a lower evaluation of your product.

Right Product

It is your responsibility to send the product for which you are quoted. If we receive a product that is different from the one you receive a quote for, we will inform you and may make another offer according to our current prices and valuation. Stopoint will give you 5 days to make a decision; if we do not hear from you during those 5 days, we will pay you whatever we quote you in the second offer. If we decide not to make an offer, we will return your products to you and you will be responsible for the shipping charges associated with getting the product to us and getting it back to you.

Products Data Removal

It is your responsibility to remove all data stored in your devices. Stopoint tries to erase all data in all products received, but makes no guarantee of doing so. Stopoint is not responsible for any loss you suffer from data lost or transferred to a third party after we receive your product.

Ownership of Products

You must have all rights and ownership of the products you want to sell us, and all products must be able to be activated for new service. The products you provide to us must be in compliance with all applicable laws, statutes, and ordinances. The products must not be fake, counterfeit, stolen, and fraudulent. The products must be free from any liens. By sending your products to us, you agree to compensate us for any losses and claims as a result for of any breach to those warranties and representations. It is your responsibility to discontinue phone and Internet or network services on your products before you sell it to us. We are not responsible for any service charges related to your products whether those charges incur before you send us your product or after we receive it. Your device should be free of security codes that could prevent access.

Risk of Loss

You are responsible for all products sent to us until they reach our property. You are responsible for any damages that may occur to your product while in transit. If for any reason, we return 
your product to you, the risk-of-loss will be transferred to you upon deliver the package to the carrier. Stopoint will be responsible for only the damages occurred while the item is in our facility.


We only accept products from customers that reside in the United States of America.


It is your duty to ensure that you maintain a valid email address on file, and check that our emails do not go into your spam folder. It is also your duty to update your mailing address. We are not responsible for any loss of a product that may incur due to a communication error caused on your behalf. You agree to indemnify Stopoint and any of its stakeholders from any losses that may arise from using your account.

Limited Liability

With respect to your transaction with Stopoint, Stopoint and/or any of its stakeholders cannot be held liable in no event for any compensatory, indirect, direct, incidental, and punitive damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, or any claims of you or other third parties.


Stopoint reserves the right to modify these terms and agreement at any time. You must stop using Stopoint website if you disagree with any of these terms, your continued use of this website indicates that you agree with these terms. You are responsible for reviews these agreements each time you use Stopoint website.