Recycling Resources

One of the highest forms of recycling is by reusing it. Therefore, our role is to help you upgrade to the latest iPhone, iPad, and more while expanding the use of your last one. You have an important role to play a part in helping keep electronics out of dumping grounds every time you sell something to Stopoint.

If you have something that is outdated and outside the scope of what we buy, it is important to make responsible choices and keep your electronics from becoming part of the growing problem of electronic waste.
This site is a one-stop shop for everything related to recycling, from household and yard waste to hazardous waste and electronics. You can find links to municipal resources and community programs, and locations of recycling for almost everything there.

The e-Stewards Initiative is a venture of the Basel Action Network (BAN), which is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Their website has extensive information about the growing problem of electronic waste and a tool to help you find Certified e-Stewards Recyclers near you.

The Consumer Electronics Association's Greener Gadgets
This site is an excellent source for information on the purchase of green products and contains a national list of certified e-cycling locations.

We hope that these resources help you. Stopoint is not affiliated with nor do we endorse any of the services above. Please use your own judgment to ensure your confidence in choosing a suitable option of recycling.