Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

At Stopoint, we are committed to ensuring that the life of products are prolonged, and the products we receive are from their rightful owners. We use cutting edge technologies to track ownership of each device that we receive. Once the device has been verified, we catalog the device’s serial number for 5 years.

What happens to an item after it arrives in your facility?

The first inspection process is to run the serial of this item to a database where all insurance companies, police departments, and other organizations report their lost or stolen products. Then we wipe out all the data in the product and reset to factory-clean status.

How are you going to help consumers with lost devices?

We work closely with enforcement officials and assist them in their investigations of lost and stolen materials. As part of our trading process with our customers, we make it clear that we do not accept stolen items.

What should a consumer do if he has a stolen device?

The consumer should first contact his/her carrier and device company and immediately inform law enforcement officials. Companies like Apple make locking your devices a couple of clicks away. Others will help you register your items in the appropriate databases to ensure it goes back to you if it is ever found.