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6 Tips to Improve Battery Performance of Your Smartphone


Whether you own an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you must know for a fact that battery life is never as good as the old Nokia or Motorola you may have used a decade ago. Back in those days, you can fully recharge your mobile phone and use it for two or three days without recharging and encounter no problems at all. However, with an Android or an iPhone, you need to charge at least once a day and sometimes even a few times throughout the day.

Smartphones are not simply just used for calling and messaging aside from the fact that there’s more light used and apps that are taking up battery life. If you use your smartphone simply for calling and texting only, then you can expect fairly long battery life. However, in most cases, that’s just impossible. There are so many great apps, which are not only for entertainment, but for other personal and business objectives. If you want a longer-lasting battery life for your smartphone, follow these 5 great tips. .

  1. Close other applications when not in use.

While others would say that this isn’t necessary, and the process of closing then opening an app again would use up more battery life, it is still highly recommended to do this. Just leave an app you know you’d be using again in a couple of hours on but for the rest, just kill them for now.

  1. Make sure your phone is not placed in a hot area.

Leave your smartphone by the window where the sun shines all day, expect the battery to be drained sooner that you expect. Keep it somewhere cooler and don’t allow the battery to overheat.

  1. Lower down the brightness level of your phone.

Most smartphones allow you to automatically adjust the brightness level according to the lighting in your location. Turn off this feature and manually adjust the brightness yourself. As long as you’re indoors or in a shaded area outdoors, you should be able to use your smartphone with ease even without high brightness levels.

  1. Download battery saving apps.

There are so many battery saving apps that you can get from the AppStore or Google PlayStore for free. Try one with good reviews and see how it works for you.

  1. Unplug your charger when the battery is on 100%.

Keeping the charger plugged in after your phone has been fully recharged damages the battery and will decrease its lifespan slowly but surely.




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