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How to Secure Your Children’s iPhone and iPad


With the iPad and the iPhone almost a must-have in today’s world, it is impossible to keep your children away from them. While they have a lot of educational and entertainment value for children, the presence of the Internet and the dangers lurking there cannot be overlooked either. Therefore, how do you ensure that your children have the best of both worlds? There’s a few steps you can take to secure your children’s iPhone and iPad and ensure that they reap the benefits of these fantastic devices without getting side-tracked into websites, apps, and other data that can be harmful to them.

A problem that can stand in the way of protecting your children to go to unsavory sites on the Internet could be using the Safari browser in iOS. You can get around this by ‘hiding’ Safari browser. You can use the same steps for hiding any other app that you don’t want your children to use. Doing this is easy. Just go to Settings, tap on General, then go to Restrictions, and tap on Enable Restrictions. This will give you a list of the apps that are available on the device. You can flip the switch to ‘off’, so that it remains hidden from view.

In the same list, under restrictions, you will see a feature called installing apps, which, when switched off, will prevent your child from installing new applications that are not detected by yourself first.

In the same Restrictions area, you will also see other areas such as Allowed Content, Allow Changes, Game Center, and Privacy. Each of these areas have certain features that give you the freedom to protect your child. For example, the Allow tab has a toggle on and off button that enables you to allow or restrict specific parts of the iOS from your child. The Allowed Content area enables you to turn off any sexual content and offensive language that may be prevalent in certain websites, apps, and other media content. You can also permit your child to see media content with only specified ratings, such as G, PG (for movies) and TV-PG, TV-Y (for TV content) by going to the Music and Podcasts or Movies section. The Allow Changes area prevents your child from making any changes to calendars, contacts, and mails. The Game Center prevents your child from adding strangers as friends when playing games on the Internet. The Privacy tab prevents anyone from changing the privacy and data settings in the device.

There are browsers, other than Safari, which you can install on your children’s iPhone or iPad. Some examples are Browser for Kids, which has a whole host of features that protect your child. Some of these features are filters, blocking of social networking sites and other sites, and dedicated buttons for sites that have been allowed by you. There is maximum security for your child’s internet browsing with browsers like these.

By taking these steps, you can sleep in peace knowing that your child will only have access to features you want them to see and won’t be exposed to any content that can be harmful to them.




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