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Tips to Save Your Phone from Water Damage


One of eight people who own a smartphone has had the experience of seeing it damaged by water. Below are some tips on what to do if you find yourself in this situation. If you accidentally drop your phone in your toilet or in a sink full of water, the best thing is to act fast. The time you take to retrieve the phone can determine whether you buy a new phone or not. The first reaction when you drop your phone in water is panic. However, you must react quickly and soberly in order to save the phone. You can follow the following steps and try to minimize the damage.

Retrieve the Phone as Soon as Possible

When you drop the phone into the water, retrieve it as fast as you can in order to minimize the water penetration. Typically, the water will get through the USB port, charging slot and the microphone slot. If you manage to get it within a few seconds, the amount of damage will be minimal. Once you have the phone, turn it off immediately. Resist the urge to check if it is okay. At this point, assume the worst.

Dismantle the Phone

Once you have the phone safely in your hands, get some paper towels and start dismantling the phone. If you have a plastic cover, remove it and then remove the battery and battery cover. It is important to note that this is most crucial stage of saving your water-damaged phone. Circuits inside the phone can survive a dip if you do not switch the phone on while it is still wet. Once you have dismantled the phone, you can wipe the components separately to reduce the moisture content.

Remove the Peripherals

Once you have the battery set aside, remove other components like the memory card, SIM card, and protective covers. When you remove these components, wipe them with the paper towels. Mostly, the SIM card can handle a water dip well, so there is no need to worry about its usability.

Dry the Phone with a Towel

A single drop of water can cause corrosion and immense damage to your phone because it is capable of causing a short circuit. Therefore, it is important to remove as much water as possible, to prevent further damage. Dry the phone using a towel and do not shake the phone. Shaking the phone can allow further penetration of water droplets into the phone.

Vacuum the Phone

It is a good idea to vacuum the phone, in order to remove water droplets that might still be stuck in the phone. A good vacuum that lasts for up to twenty minutes can reduce the moisture in the phone. However, do not place the vacuum cleaner too close to the phone to avoid creating static electricity. Thereafter, leave the phone for twenty-four hours on a bowl of rice, then keep your fingers crossed.




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One thought on “Tips to Save Your Phone from Water Damage

  1. nice tips. I wish i knew that sooner. my son dropped my phone in a bowl of cereal. I turned it on to see if it would work. If i knew that, i would have rushed to turned it off, then followed those tips.

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