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MacBook VS MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro


MacBooks are the preferred laptop for many people, but deciding which version to buy can be a daunting task at first. There is the MacBook, the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro to choose from. How do you know which to choose, based on your needs? Each version has its own assets that make it a best choice for your computer needs.

The MacBook has the other two laptops beat when it comes to portability. The 12-inch MacBook is so slim that it is sometimes mistaken for an iPad. It weighs just barely over 2 pounds and is just over ½ an inch thick at its widest point.

The 13-inch MacBook Air boasts a 14-hour battery life. It is one of the longest-running laptops out there. This is perfect for when you’re on the go. The MacBook Air also offers an SD card slot with the 13-inch version.

The 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro has the best port selection of the three laptops. The single USB-C port is perfect for charging your MacBook and connecting other devices.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro offers excellent performance because of its Core i7 CPU and optional AMD R9 M370X graphics. This version of the MacBook beat the other two in this category, no doubt. This translates to faster processing speeds and amazing photo and video editing capabilities.

When determining which MacBook is best for you, it helps to think of which one will meet your needs. Then, you can choose a model of the MacBook from there. The MacBook is ideal for those that need to travel lightly. The 12-inch MacBook is the most portable, but costs as much as the 13-inch Pro. The MacBook Air is for those who want fast performance, a long battery life, a lightweight machine, and at a reasonable price. The 13-inch Air is the version of choice for this type of MacBook. The MacBook Pro, even though more expensive, offers workstation-type performance and a better screen.




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