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Is the iPhone 6s Really Waterproof?

iPhone 6s

Rumors are abounding that the iPhone 6s is waterproof. Is it true? Can the iPhone 6s take a soaking and still perform? Is this something you can bet on? Don’t dunk your iPhone 6s into a glass of water just yet. It could be water resistant but not completely water proof. Why is that? Let’s find out.

How most phones are water proofed?

Most phones that claim to be water proof focus on protecting external ports to keep water out. However, this does nothing for the internal electronics. If the external ports are protected and water doesn’t permeate the inner electronics, that’s a great thing. Water is great at seeping into even the tiniest little cracks and crevices. Think of how many times you’ve dropped your phone. Even if it’s in a case, the right bounce can compromise the protective coating on the external ports. Then you are hoping you have insurance even though the company claimed that the phone was water proof.

Apple excellent strategy…

On the other hand, Apple never claimed that the iPhone 6s was water proof. What they did do was clearly genius, as usual. Instead of trying to protect the external ports, they decided to pack a new gasket around the sides of the phone. Additionally, they encased every cable and connector on the phones logic board with an incredible water proofing material. The logic board is where most of the iPhone’s sensitive electronics are stored. Therefore, the logic board is what is most prone to water damage; they protected it.

Why they didn’t tell the public

Apple made no claims that the phone was water proof. Usually when a company does that, people send their phones flying into the bath tub or other watery graves to try it out. Rather than encouraging this, Apple kept quiet about their new logic board protection. Rather than guaranteeing that the iPhone 6s is water proof, they are just allowing their customers to be pleasantly surprised the next time their phone accidentally ker-plunks into the toilet. This is a totally awesome strategy on their part. The phones will last longer and their customers will be totally satisfied.. Apple surely made the iPhone 6s with their customers’ best interest in mind. This is a breath of fresh air.




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