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What to do if Your iDevice is Lost or Stolen?


Whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, it must be valuable. The mere fact that it is made by Apple is already a proof that it comes with a premium price tag. With this, it is easy to understand why people demonstrate the highest level of care for their gadgets. From the use of innovative phone cases to downloading different apps, one would definitely do everything to ensure that Apple gadgets will not be lost or damaged. What if the inevitable happens and you lose it? What should you do? Cry in the corner and wallow in sadness? Keep on reading and know what you should do once you lose your valued Apple gadgets.

Use Phone Tracking Apps

Technology has made it possible for you to find your lost gadget, specifically your iPhone. One app that can be most useful is Find My iPhone. Download it from another iOS device and you can see your lost phone’s exact location. If in case your phone is turned off, or there is no network, there is a Notify Me When Found option that can be ticked. However, it is important to make sure that this feature has been activated from your phone from very start. The app will only work if it is installed, so do it before you lose your phone!

Check with Law Enforcers

When you lose something as precious as an Apple gadget, you will immediately freak out. It would help if you will first check with the police. Let them know about what happened. It is also possible that someone might have brought it to the station after being accidentally found somewhere. Giving the law enforcers your phone’s IMEI/MEID number will also help to track it.

Get In Touch with your Carrier

It is also important to get in touch with your local carrier once you lose your phone. This should be done as soon as possible in order to put your service into a halt. This will help in avoiding any unnecessary charges as other people might have been using your line for making unauthorized calls, which can cause your bill to shoot up. You can have the service blocked for a certain period of time and have it reactivated once you have already retrieved your phone.

Remove your Credit Cards

The newer phones from Apple are equipped with a revolutionary feature known as Apple Pay. This will change the way you shop and pay for your purchases. This will require you to register your credit card or debit card and use your phone as a gateway for payments to be made. Make sure to disable all your cards connected to your Apple Pay.



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