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Impact of Tablets in Kindergarten Classrooms


Technology changes fast. Children must start mastering it from a younger age each year to be in line with the ever changing business world by the time they graduate. The question is often presented: are tablets in kindergarten classrooms a good idea? What is their impact? Do the results justify the cost incurred by the school? The answer is yes across the board.

A Smarter Choice

Tablets are a smart choice for kindergarten classrooms for a few different reasons. Technology become obsolete so quickly these days, a tablet makes more sense than other technology. It will likely only be used for a year or two before its time to upgrade so there is no use in investing in anything more. Additionally, tablets in kindergarten classrooms may be the only exposure some young children have to technology. Of course, most people have smart phones, but playing on a smart phone does nothing to teach a young child how to use technology in an educational setting. Kindergarten classes that have tablets expose young children to software and the critical thinking skills involved in operating that software.

Dual Language Learners 

Another great benefit to having tablets in the kindergarten classroom is they help support children for whom English is a second language. There has consistently been a steady influx of families into the United States for whom English is not the primary language spoken at home. These children struggle in the classroom especially at the kindergarten level. Having tablets in these younger classrooms will give the teacher another avenue on which to work with them.


Tablets offer supporting story lines and additional help in phonics. For instance, let’s say a teacher reads a kindergarten class a board book early in the day. Later on, the tablet can be shared by two or three students to repeat animations and action words from the story. There are several different ways that tablets can offer support to the original lesson plan throughout the day.

Over all tablets are a wonderful addition to any kindergarten classroom. They offer additional support to reinforce current lessons and aid the teachers with dual language students. They also help ensure that all children are exposed to technology at a young age, not just those who can afford it. The money spent by schools on technology is definitely justified considering the evolving business trends. Tablets have a positive impact on every kindergarten classroom they enter.




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