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How to Recyle Your Used Electronics for the Most Money


Should I sell old cell phone to an iPhone trade-in program?

Yes, you should, especially considering that most wireless carriers in the US are looking to get rid of phone subsidies. Many carriers are already asking customers to pay the full price of their iPhones. So, you really need to think smart here, and look at your options for recycling the iPhone (or for that matter any used electronics) for the most cash.

You really should recycle your used electronics for money and sell old cell phone, there’s no point in storing them in the basement, or worse, throwing them to trash when they get permanently damaged – as they are likely to – by the moisture in the basement.

Where can I sell used electronics for cash?

There are several iPhone trade-in sites that pay you good money for your old electronics. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, all have popular iPhone trade-in programs – but they don’t pay you money for your old electronics. You will instead be paid in store credit, such as Amazon Gift Cards, which you can use to buy more products from the retailers.

That’s why you should look at new iPhone trade-in sites such as Stopoint.com that pay you real money – cold, hard cash – for your iPhone and other used electronics. You will get paid more on Stopoint.com than on any other service, and this is a guarantee. Stopoint.com offers a Price Match Guarantee, which is a promise that you will be paid more on Stopoint for your used electronics, than you would get from any other company.

So what are the things to consider when you’re looking to sell used electronics for cash?

Are you getting the best price for your old electronics?

If you’re not getting a great price for your old electronics, why sell it? You should always opt for a trade-in program that gives you the best money for your old electronics. That is why selling your iPhone to your carrier is not a smart thing to do as they pay the worst. You’d be much better off selling to Stopoint.com.

Do you want to get paid by cash or credit?

This is a choice that you should make. If you are okay with being paid in credit, then you would find the Amazon trade-in program to your liking. You will be given Amazon Gift Cards, which you can use to buy things on Amazon. But if you need cash for whatever reason, whether it is to pay a bill, buy a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply to upgrade to a new phone, then you would do well to sell your old electronics to Stopoint.com.

How about selling the iPhone to an in-store trade-in service?

Companies like EcoATM offer an in-store trade-in program. However, this particular company doesn’t allow people to ship their electronics directly to them. Instead, they have ATMs in specific locations where the customer can just go and trade their phones. Here’s the problem – they only buy phones and nothing else. So, unless you have a store close to where you are, and have a car, these programs are not worth your while. When you decide to sell to Stopoint.com, you will be sent a prepaid FedEx shipping label, so you don’t have to spend even $1 on the shipping – just drop the package at the nearest FedEx.

For more information on recycling your old electronics for cash, get in touch with the friendly and professional staff at Stopoint.com at 1(888) 246-4919 or email Stopoint HQ at support@stopoint.com.  You may visit the website www.stopoint.com to know more about how this works.

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