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Earn More Money and Get Paid Faster


So, if you are one of the several million Android phone users who wants to upgrade to an iPhone 6S, or just an iPhone user who wants to change from AT&T to Verizon, you would be wondering about how much such an upgrade or switch would cost you.

Yeah, new phones cost a LOT to be sure, but it’s not like the old days when you could do nothing with your old phones, laptops and cameras except stashing them in a closet or a basement; or worse, throwing them into the trash.

That’s not a smart thing to do because the electronics and plastics contained in these devices are harmful to the environment, and throwing away old phones or laptops instead of recycling them adds to the carbon footprint.

So, is there a way out? Yeah, absolutely – there are trade-in sites such as Stopoint.com that offer to buy your old phone, laptop or other electronics and pay you good money for it. In fact, re-commerce is a fast growing industry which is already worth over $50 billion, globally.

Selling to a trade-in site is a really simple process. Just visit the site, log in, and select the product that you want to sell. Enter the specifications such as its age, condition and so on. You will be sent an estimate based on the information entered by you and by taking into consideration the demand for the product in the second-hand marketplace. So, if you agree to the terms, you will be sent a free pre-paid shipping label, and will be paid by check, PayPal or by a gift card after you deliver the product.

There are dozens of retailers that offer these services, apart from young startups such as Stopoint.com. Stopoint.com is based in Miami and buys everything from old Macbooks, tablets, cell phones and more using a really simple and fast system called Select-Ship-and Pay.

Here’s how the whole thing works – first, you select the product that you want to sell on the Stopoint website – check if Stopoint.com buys that product, first of all – and enter the specifications. You will be sent an instant quote – which is guaranteed for 30 days – which means the estimate given to you won’t be changed even if the manufacturer slashes the prices of the products.

If the quote matches your expectation, then a free pre-paid FedEx shipping label will be sent to you so that you can ship the product free of charge. You will be given 30 days to deliver the product.

Here’s the best part – on receiving the product, if it matches the specifications listed by you on the website, you will be your payment within 24-hours by PayPal and within 3 days if you prefer to be paid by check.

How cool is that? That’s much faster than what you would get with Gazelle.com, which takes 7 to 10 days to send the payment, or for that matter, Usell.com – you have no way of knowing when you will get paid on Usell.com as it depends on the whims and fancies of the individual buyer.

What’s more – you will get paid more on Stopoint.com than you would on any other service. That’s because Stopoint.com offers a Price Match Guarantee – according to which you will get more than what any you would get with any other service online for your old electronics.

Stopoint.com accepts iPhones, Apple Watches, iPad, iPod, tablets, Apple TV, iMac, and MacBook Pro and Air, as of now. But it is a fast growing list, so don’t get disappointed if your particular device isn’t bought by Stopoint.com as yet.


For more information on recycling your old electronics for cash, get in touch with the friendly and professional staff at Stopoint.com at 1(888) 246-4919 or email Stopoint HQ at support@stopoint.com.  You may visit the website www.stopoint.com to know more about how this works.

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