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Six of the Best Applications to Help Children Read, Write, and Develop Their Creativity


At a certain point in a child’s life, he or she has to learn how to read and write. The ability to read and write compels different levels of creative development. Traditionally, these skills are taught at a school. A school is a place where a child starts his early education. It is also a place that teaches children moral values and the skills that will benefit them later in life. Although the traditional school has always been the de facto approach to early childhood education, with the advent and ubiquity of modern technology, there are amazing technologies that can supplement and enhance learning in fun ways.

The following applications are some of the best educational applications that we’ve come across when it comes to helping kids read, write, and develop their creativity.

  1. Reading Raven by Early Ascent: Every child loves to play games and run various applications on phones and tablets. Reading Raven is one such educational app that you can use to make your child learn various things. One of the great things about this app is its ability to register different accounts for students. This application also asks the user to confirm his/her identity before they begin a session. This application provides a way for kids to access materials depending on their levels in each subject.
  2. Rhinomite: Rhinomite is an amazing game that was created with the goal of educating children in a fun way. Rhinomite can help toddlers develop their vocabulary. The game is built in such a way that it pushes children to master activities that are very educational in order to score points and unlock achievements.
  3. Reading Magic: Reading Magic introduces phonics for young children, and it is a nice companion to the Bobbooks. With this application, kids can learn the alphabets in a fun way. It features a systematic method to teach kids. As a parent or teacher, you have the option to control the difficulty level to make learning more interesting.
  4. Martha Speaks Dog Party: With this game, in which a talking dog is the host, kids will enjoy playing four different educational games. The best thing about this application is that it integrates learning into the game while it does not interfere with the fun element.
  5. Learn With Homer: It is a great application that will definitely make your child enjoy reading. This app will strike a chord of interests in every kid. This application has excellent lessons in phonics. Also, there are other fun educational activities in different subjects.
  6. Reading Rainbow: Reading Rainbow is strictly based on education and learning. It offers a library of books to users that are themed according to the interests of the children. Kids can choose to read the book themselves or have someone else read the books to them. However, to access the app, you will need to subscribe to the application by paying $30 for six months.



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