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Android vs. iPhone Features – Which is better?


When comparing Android vs. iPhone, you should first decide the functions and features that are important to you. One of the major differences between the two is that Android as an operating system started out as an open source project with the objective of creating an operating system that can be shared among manufacturers. Although it was acquired by Google, other developers can still use the operating system. On the other hand, iPhone’s iOS is Apple’s proprietary operating system.

Android vs. iPhone Lock Screen

The iPhone features a TouchID fingerprint sensor that makes it hard to for other people to bypass the lock screen. There are some Android smartphones that have the same feature. There are some Android phones on the market that have a Smart Lock tool that utilizes location or face recognition to login and get pass the lock screen, but they are less secure options.

Checking the Time

More often than not, the smartphone is used by people to check the time. Both the Android and iPhone can tell the time even when the screen is locked. But there are lots of Android smartphones that have better timekeeping features than the iPhone. HTC, Samsung and Motorola phones have sensors and smart covers that can show the time as soon as you get your smartphone out of your pocket. Some Android phones also have a daydream clock feature that stays on while charging the phone on the nightstand.

Organizing Photos and Videos

One of the most important Android vs. iPhone topics is the camera of the smartphone. One thing that’s certain is that the iPhone camera is a great one. On the contrary, there is a wide range of cameras installed among Android phones. There are great ones and there are awful ones. But when it comes to organizing the photos and videos taken, Android’s Google Photos provide users with unlimited free storage. On the other hand, iCloud is something that Apple needs to improve on.

Typing Experience

While Apple has finally display lowercase letters on the native iPhone keyboard, there are still some improvements the company needs to make if it wants to compete against the Android keyboard. The latter features swipe gestures and displays punctuation on the same screen as the letters. When it comes to the Android vs. iPhone typing battle, the winner is Android.

Android vs. iPhone Apps

Both the Android and iPhone have good app stores. But when it comes to organizing the apps, Android has the advantage. Android allows users to place important stuff on their home screens, as well as hide the less useful stuff in the app drawer. Android also has widgets that are more useful compared to the ones that the iPhone has.

These are just some of the features to consider when comparing Android vs. iPhone. One thing that the Android has the advantage over the iPhone is that consumers have more smartphones to choose from. Be sure to keep these comparisons in mind the next time you are on the market for a smartphone.




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