Why trash your electronic device when someone will pay for it? Whether you intend to upgrade or find another product that better fits your needs, we will pay you and ensure your device gets a new owner.

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Headquartered in Miami, Stopoint.com allows you to sell your high-end electronics such as MacBooks, tablets, and cellphones with our easy to use select-ship-and pay system. At Stopoint.com we understand the value of your electronics. We dedicate our time to ensure you are properly funded in less than 24 hours after receiving your product. That's right! We will pay you in 24 hours.

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Price Match Guaranteed

If you find a company that pays more than we do for any product, we'll add $5 more to the other company's offer...
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Receive Your Money in 24 Hours

We will pay you in less than 24 hours after receiving your product. PayPal customers should expect funds in 24 hours. Customers who opted for a check payment will receive it in 3 business days.

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Guaranteed Quote

All quotes remain valid for 30 days.

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Contact Us

If you need help, please contact our friendly world-class staff to answer all of your questions at Click Here to Contact Us

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Data Protection

We take your data-security and privacy very seriously. The first step of our inspection processes is to factory-reset all electronic devices received to restore them to their orginal system state.

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A Promise to Our Community

Stopoint.com was founded by dedicated visionaries who believe in protecting the environment by recycling and re-using products. To hold true to our beliefs, Stopoint.com aims to work with environmental non-profit organizations that share our values. Help us make a positive impact in this world.