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Turn Your MacBook into Cash


Now that an attractive new range of MacBooks has been released, it is really worth considering selling your old MacBook for cash and investing in a brand new one. Why, you can use the money to pay for the new iMac with Retina Display, which is making a lot of waves in the marketplace. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about turning your old MacBook into cash. Here are some of the questions you need to consider before doing so. Let’s get started!

When should I sell my MacBook?

The best time to sell an old Apple product – whether it’s a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad, is just before Apple announces a new model – rather than after the announcement. So, once a new model is announced, the older models automatically lose their value. That’s why it is so important to keep a close watch on Apple’s upcoming events and every news or rumor coming from the company. If you can preempt the release of the new model by selling your old MacBook on time, that would be really great.  It would also help if you have an extra Mac to work on, for obvious reasons – you don’t want to be without a computer even for a day!

How much is my MacBook worth?

The fact of the matter is, while MacBooks tend to hold on to their value for much longer than other comparable products, they still depreciate. In fact, a MacBook will be worth half the price you paid for it two years after the purchase. So how much you will get for your MacBook depends on the model, year and configuration. Higher spec models that have a higher RAM and storage configurations will fetch a lot more in the resale market. One great way to check how much your old MacBook is worth today is to check the listings for similar products on eBay- that would give you a good idea.

How can I get more for my MacBook?

You can get more for your MacBook by selling to Stopoint.com. Stopoint.com is a Miami based trade-in site that offers a price match guarantee – which means you are guaranteed to get paid more for your MacBooks and other old electronics such as iPhones, iPads etc. than what you would get them at any other trade-in program. Plus, the shipping is already paid for and you will be sent your money within 24-hour by PayPal after the company receives your product.

What to do before selling a MacBook

It is important to clean the MacBook, back up your data and hard reset it to factory settings before selling it to a trade-in program. Turn off the Find My Mac, sign out of iCloud and format the hard drive. Reinstall the OS X as well. If possible, send the original packaging along with the product as well – that makes it look more presentable.

So how does selling your MacBook to Stopoint.com work?

Stopoint.com has a system called SELECT_SHIP_And_Pay. Here’s how it works…


Just search for the MacBook on the Stopoint.com site. Type the details such as the model, year, make and other specifications. You will be sent an instant quote along with a pre-paid FedEx shipping label.


Print out the FedEx pre-paid shipping label, pack your MacBook and drop it at a FedEx Store. You will have 30 days to do so.


You will be paid by PayPal within 24 hours, or receive a check in 3 days, based on your payment preference.



For more information on recycling your old electronics for cash, get in touch with the friendly and professional staff at Stopoint.com at 1(888) 246-4919 or email Stopoint HQ at support@stopoint.com.  You may visit the website www.stopoint.com to know more about how this works.

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