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iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy s5 are still great?

iPhone 5s

These days the market is filled with various kinds of technically advanced and improved smart phones and in the competitive age of the 21st century, one never has a dearth of options. Every other year the already available phones in the market become back dated with the launch of its new improved version. The smart phone users generally opt for the latest upgraded versions to make the most of it. But it is a wrong idea that the new models are always better than their predecessors. It has been seen that though the new models have improved features and updated operating system, a slight discrepancy might make the whole deal worthless. So to be on the safer side one should be aware of the best buy that one can afford and be more than satisfied with. The iPhone 5s, launched in 2013 can be counted among the most trustworthy and efficient smart phone produced by Apple.

The Iphone 5s

The iPhone 5s has a home button that comes with the Touch ID, which is a fingerprint recognition system, used to unlock the phone. This high end technical feature gives your phone a touch of sophistication and at the same time personalizes your phone like never before. Its upgraded camera has created a niche of its own in this vast market of smart phones. The camera has a larger aperture compared to its predecessors which gives your picture the perfect light and well defined shadows. This 8 mega pixel camera can give you amazing results even in a low light. Its dual LED flash had been optimized for the different color temperature. Apple claims that this is their first model ever to come with a 64 bit processor which also comprises of the ‘motion co-processor’ the M7. The iPhone 5s for the first time launched the A7 dual core processor for the ultimate result. The interior of the model is made of a soft microfiber and the outside is of leather, which render elegance to its looks. After its launch this model has received the most favorable reviews. Such a big step in the way of biometric authentication was never seen before. It has also been labeled as the best available smart phone in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The only other phone comparable to iPhone 5s is the Smasung Galxy s5. This was launched in 2014 and became an immediate success. This highly evolved and refined model of Samsung comes with a certification of IP67. It even comprises of the new age security features like the private mode and fingerprint reader. The users will be more than pleased with the camera which is 16 mp and pretty powerful, so that even the low light pictures are perfect. This LTE-Advanced version of Samsung was an immediate hit after its introduction. Its high resolution camera comes with HDR, Virtual Tour Shot and Selective Focus. The best part of this version of Samsung is its powerful 2800mAh battery, which is very important in an android phone. Apart from the dust and water resistant part this model has a well refined look. The inclusion of the health related feature which can monitor ones heart rate was quite a hit among its users.



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