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A Description of Amazon First Generation Phones- The Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire

It is the first smartphone of Amazon that was launched in September 2014. It is based on the customized Android OS of Amazon and is easy to use. The unique features of this device include visual effects that resemble 3D and visual search which can be used to identify the objects. The main features of this device are:


The design of this phone resembles to that of the iPhone 4 except the edges as it has rear panels and flush glass front. The sleep/wake button and the headphone socket are mounted on its top. The right side of this device does not contain any button. On the left side, there are two buttons- one for volume control and the other is for dual purpose i.e. for camera and Firefly.

The micro USB port for charging is mounted at the bottom and on the below part of the screen, there is a home button. This device is a thick one and weighs approximately 158g.

Unique graphics

No doubt that the operating system of this Fire Phone is similar to that of Amazon’s Fire tablets, but this OS is new in the smartphone world. All the icons, buttons and font in this android based phone are unique as even one single feature is not borrowed from Lollipop or KitKat.


Firefly is the main feature of this phone and it also has been said that it is the “Shazam for the real world”. This special feature enables you to capture anything in the form of images and the useful information will be extracted by the Fire Phone. Various types of files like music, TV episodes, games, books and many other are identified by this Firefly with the help of camera app.

This feature has the ability to recognise the text that whether it is a normal text, an email address, web address or a phone number. Not only that, when you tap on such type of specific text it will automatically go to the accurate location. It can also recognise the DVD and book covers and when to click such an item, it provides you the IMDB reviews and also offer you the link of Amazon shop to buy it.

Battery life

The battery of this Fire Phone is much advanced which offers you the calling time (up to 22 hours), audio playback (up to 65 hours) and video playback (11 hours) along with standby time of 285 hours.

Ultra-bright display

Fire Phone’s HD ultra-bright display measuring 4.7” offers many features to the users, which include circular polarizer, wide viewing angle, dynamic image contrast and more. This display at 590 nits provides a clear view of it during day and night no matter you are indoors or out.

Fast load time

The 2.2 quad-core processor which is embedded along with the Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chip and 2GB RAM, enable decreased load time for websites, faster app launching and smoother multitasking.

With so many attractive features, this Fire Phone from Amazon is available at extremely attractive price and is worth buying.



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